What to Leave Your Babysitter When You Go Out

What to leave your babysitter when you go out, is at least as important as choosing the right babysitter. It can take some time to set up everything you need to leave your babysitter when you go out. For this reason, it’s a good idea to schedule a block of time in advance of the event for setting up all the information and equipment that your babysitter will need. That way, you can prepare for the babysitter when you aren’t pressed for time. Also, if you are well-prepared, and your babysitter is well-prepared, there will be no worries weighing heavy on your mind while you’re out having a good time.

You may have found the perfect babysitter: a person you trust who has lots of experience. Your child may adore her. But the babysitter, in some ways, is only as good as the information she has, and the tools you have provided.

The babysitter should have a list of emergency contacts. She should also know what to do in case of emergency. Then too, the location of basic first aid items in your home should be written down.

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What to Leave Your Babysitter: Beyond Emergencies

But preparing for the babysitter goes beyond emergencies. Your child’s schedule should be laid out clearly for the babysitter. And your expectations should be clear: what is the babysitter to do in your home with your child, while you are away? Do you expect the babysitter to do homework with your child? Is she required to read to her?

It’s possible you will need to make minor adjustments to your babysitter preparations at some point. If you move to a new home or city, you might have to update your list of emergency contacts. Or say you get a new phone number: you’ll need to update it in your babysitter contacts list. By the same token, as your child grows and develops, her list of her interests and favorite toys may need to be changed. But these are the kind of swaps that are easy to make once you’ve set everything up with care, the first time around.

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Babysitter Information Template

What to leave your babysitter when you go out, depends on your home, your preferences, and your child. No two sets of parents will have the same set of rules and information. Here is a suggested babysitter information template you can use to create your own personal plan:

Contact Parents If:

  • The baby or child becomes sick, for instance develops a fever or vomits
  • Someone gets hurt and a Band-Aid isn’t enough
  • The baby or child won’t stop crying and the babysitter can’t calm things down
  • The babysitter feels there is an unsafe situation, such as frightening phone calls or suspicious visitors
  • There is a question about the proper dose of prescribed medicine, or the babysitter needs information about the baby or child.

Baby or Child’s Schedule and Routine

  • My baby or child uses this toy for comfort and sleep: ______________________.
  • Read these bedtime stories to my child ______________________.
  • Extra clothes and pajamas are located ___________________________.
  • Please bathe/don’t bathe the baby or child.
  • Bath supplies are labeled and are located in/on the: _____________________________.
  • Bath safety instructions: Don’t leave the baby or child alone in the bathtub. Check the temperature of the water to make sure it is not too hot or too cold.
  • My child likes to play/do the following activity: _______________________________.

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Emergency Contact Phone Numbers:

  • EMS:
  • Police Emergency:
  • Fire Emergency:
  • Ambulance:
  • Poison Control Center:
  • Pediatrician or Family Physician:
  • Nearest hospital:

In Case of Fire:

  • Location of smoke alarms
  • Location of fire extinguishers
  • Map of emergency exits to get everyone out

While all the above information is quite vital, I would recommend you get a 24 Hour Fire Watch service if you do not have the basic fire extinguishing system at your place.

Babysitter House Rules

  • My baby or child naps from _______________.
  • My baby or child’s bedtime is ______________.
  • Please don’t make personal phone calls or use social media unless kids are asleep.
  • Don’t touch the following electric appliances: ________________.
  • My child should not watch this/these television program(s): ____________________.
  • These rooms are off-limits: ______________.
  • Feel free to eat_________________.
  • Please don’t eat __________________.

Babysitter and child do drawing activityParents’ Location

  • We will be here: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________.
  • These are phone numbers where we can be reached: (restaurant or venue) _______________________, ­mother’s number _________________, father’s number ____________________.
  • Time we will be home: ____________________.
  • We will call to check on things at _____________________________.
  • Reach us this way (Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, email, phone text): _______________________________.

Found what you just read useful? Why not consider sending a donation to our Kars4Kids youth and educational programs. Or help us just by sharing!

Found what you just read useful? Why not consider sending a donation to our Kars4Kids youth and educational programs. Or help us just by sharing!

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