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We’ve all heard someone say it. Chances are good we’ve said it ourselves. We’ll do or say something and all of a sudden, it hits us. “Am I my mother?” For some of us, it’s the way we find ourselves talking to our children. It may just be the foods we like to cook, a habit we find ourselves falling into, or the values we hold dear.

This Mother’s Day, let’s appreciate the profound effect our mothers have had on our lives by celebrating what makes us similar! How are you like your mother? (Guys, you can answer this question too!) Tell us and you could win a night out with Mom with a $200 StubHub gift certificate. Choose between a theater, concert or sporting event and enjoy a night in town with the woman who made you- you.

Each individual is entitled up to 18 entries if all sharing options below are used.  Questions specifically regarding how to enter can be emailed to mothersday@parenting.kars4kids.org.  Drawing will be Friday, May 9th before 12pm. Good luck!!!

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Varda Meyers Epstein serves as editor in chief of Kars4Kids Parenting. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Varda is the mother of 12 children and is also a grandmother of 12. Her work has been published in The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, The Learning Site, The eLearning Site, and Internet4Classrooms.

Reader Interactions


  1. RGingi says

    when my kids are playing loud music, i tell them to lower it….my mom always did that…

  2. Wendy Kirwan says

    I cringe when people use number vs. amount wrong or much vs. many. Totally my mom’s fault. Or should I say, to my mom’s credit 🙂

  3. Charlie says

    I love laughing just like my mother. My mother always says, you can either laugh or cry. You may as well choose to laugh. The truth is that I love mother and look up to her. She has been through may challenges in life and always been cheerful and frequently with her contagious laugh!

  4. Michelle says

    I cook the exact amount needed, no less, no more. No food for unexpected guests!

  5. Katie says

    My mom’s sensitivity makes her a great wife, mom and friend but her emotional side can be hard to deal with at times…I have been told I am similar…

  6. Debnmike Moretti says

    We looked alike and were very conscientious workers. She passed away which is a huge bummer every Mother’s Day.

  7. Rachel says

    ‘Close the door. Were you born in a barn?’ My mom used to say that to us all the time as kids and I now say it to mine.

  8. Sherry says

    I enjoy the simple things in life like my mom. My most favorite thing I do like my mom is I laugh until I cry, Priceless!!!!!!!!!!

  9. tamlyn says

    My mom and I have the same interests..We both love to golf and the casino…she is my best friend!!!

  10. Gina says

    Not only do we sound alike in voice, but I find myself repeating the same things she said to me, like “clean your room”, “wait till daddy gets home”, “this is my house, not yours, do you pay the bills?” and various other things I never thought would come out of my mouth lol

  11. rivkyros says

    my mom would always do ‘shmoozing’ time right before bedtime. i follow this tradition with my kids too.

  12. Sir Elliott says

    My mom has a heart of gold and always felts she is always there for me no matter what , so emulating that trait is what I strive to be as a parent

  13. devorah says

    my mother used to say to me “when you have kids i hope they act just Like you ”
    now that i have my own children i take that as a compliment .

  14. mindy says

    when a new friend would come to my house my mother would ask my new friend
    twenty questions i do the same – i think it is heredity .

  15. Mrs Green says

    my mom used to volunteer at a nursing home and always gave Tzedaka (charity )
    i try to do the same .

  16. miri moran says

    even when my mother new for sure that my dad eat, she always asked him if he wants anything to eat.
    that’s what help here marriage be perfect and healthy.

    I do the same thing .
    most of the time its pretty working hhhhh
    ( i learn everything from my mommy she is the best)

  17. Steven says

    My Mom is one of a kind! But I’m ptretty sure I got my odd toes from her. Booo!

  18. francine franco says

    One of the many memories that come to mind is my mom would save napkins that were hardly used instead of tossing it in the garbage, she would reuse them for something else. It freaks me out that I myself do the same.

  19. Blake Kaplan says

    I’m like my mother in that I’m very stubborn and won’t take no for an answer

  20. Lisa B says

    I’m like my mom in many ways – for example, by usually saying no and walking around picking things up all the time!

  21. Francisco Rovalino says

    My mother loves gardening. And as a young teenager I enjoyed gardening. Till this day she is always giving me tips on how to plant certain things.

  22. Mariah says

    I love to cook and bake cupcakes just like my mom and we are both very controlling in the kitchen. My friends try to help out and I always end up taking over and I think they are going to mess something up. My mom always did the exact same thing to me and it drove me crazy.

  23. Sherry Cox says

    I truly am my mother. We look alike, only I’m taller :). We even sound alike, we’ve gotten so bad that we’ll even prank her friends and our family because they can’t tell the difference in our voices. My mom is the best mom EVER made and I am truly blessed to have her and to be so much like her.

  24. Michael placido says

    Mom and I are too alike , both of us are caring, loving parents who would give the shirt off our backs for any one. And when I find myself telling my kids, if u keep making that face a angel gonna see and make it stay like that, or when I tell my kids u need to wait at least 20 minutes in order to go swimming I realize I’m just like my mom, but that’s a good thing because she’s a fantastic woman.

  25. Whitney Graef says

    My mother is a hard working woman who taught me to take care of my husband, my kids, and myself. I am strong and independent because of her. I don’t take guff from anyone because she never did. She still teaches me as she cares for my now handicapped dad. She was strong while she beat stage 3 breast cancer, and she is and always will be the strongest woman I know. She deserves more praise than she gets and she DESERVES a nice break, and a night of fun, away from the daily stress of bills and caregiving and babysitting. I love her with all of my heart and couldn’t think of a better way to show her. Thank you.

  26. robelto vasquez Jr says

    We both have a big heart to help other people and never think twice about receiving award. Being in the military have helped us appreciate life and tgat brother abd sisterhood is whats is vitally important. Its the small things that make the biggest difference.

  27. Carla Espinoza says

    My mom came from a small village in Peru, and brought me to the concrete jungle of NYC. We may not have similar upbringings and at times she may question what she got herself into by coming to the U.S. And raising me here, but what we do have in common is being strong independent women. She fought for a better future for me. And I keep fighting for a better future for myself to one day give back to my mom.

  28. jacqui says

    There are many ways that I am like my mother…we look alike, we share the same interests, were both creative, were best friends, we both always think of others before ourselves, we help others, we both love dance and we are both strong independent women who despite the hardships we both have, we know we can always come back to each other. I lost my father at the age of 12 and without her I would be completely lost, but because of her I have successfully graduated from college with a Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology. She gave me the wings and taught me how to fly!

  29. Dave says

    My mother was a very investigative person growing up; she still is. Sometimes I did not have to say anything and she knew and somehow magically figured out what I was up to. Now, I realize she had an acute attention to people she was talking to. Although I have not snatched the pebble from my mothers palm, I did learn to pay attention on how someone is talking to you. I tend to treat my children the same way. It is the way they speak, not necessarily what they say that tells the story.

  30. Brenda P. says

    I am so much like my mom. She laughs after almost every comment and hums when she works. I find myself always doing the exact same thing.

  31. dunia says

    My mom spends her free time visiting people and helping people. I have my mom’s generosity I can’t help but help people

  32. Harriet Perry says

    My mother not only occupies a piece of my heart and mind but thoughts of her compassion and wisdom direct my actions daily. I look and listen beyond the surface when dealing with challenges and successes, for she taught me there is a lesson to be learned from everyone and everything. She was, and remains, my first and best teacher and role model, mentor, and friend.

  33. Laurie says

    My mother and I are both nurturers and thrive on helping others and are very independent! We also are pretty good cooks, but have a tendency to tell everyone what we did wrong with anything we cook (“I didn’t let the rolls rise long enough” or “There’s too much salt in this”‘), when if we didn’t say anything at all, nobody would know.

  34. roni c says

    i mom is most precious women ever seen, hard working since age 8 and she is now 64 non-stop mom after she got the job done with three kids she adopted another one, amazing how she likes to help, love with all my strengths

  35. Tanya g says

    We all grow up saying I will never be like my parents.. Chances are good that there are some characteristics you will gain that resemble one or both of your parents.. My parents separated when I was very young and I didn’t see my mom much. However, when I was an adult my mother became my best friend. I look in the mirror and I see her, the way I smile, and laugh. My self consciousness is my mothers trait. The way I cook, clean, bake to how I behave with my children. I see more of her in myself everyday. No one could ever take the place of my mom who made me the strong woman I am today. Thank you mom

  36. Corey Wing says

    I am my mother for many reasons that I am extremely blessed for. As humbly as I can possibly explain, my mother exemplifies characteristics that I can only hope carry over on me. She represents a strong single mother who has had to show enormous amounts of courage throughout her life. I can only pray that I can be as courageous. Compassion is another characteristic I would use to describe my mother. Not only is she strong but she uses her strength to empathize and offer a helping hand to those who are struggling. She never fails to remind me of the beauty in life and has never once hesitated to be there when I needed her. She is the reason I get to wake up everyday. I owe her everything and pray that I can continue to be more like her. I love you Mom!

  37. Susan says

    My Mom and I are almost the same person. When I was pregnant with my son I was extremely sick and even lost a tooth the same tooth my mom lost when she was pregnant with me. After my son was born my thyroid stopped working and now I am on the same medicine my mother is taking (same dose and all) for her non-working thyroid. We are also alike in the way we think and act. I love my mom with all my heart and soul and I can only hope my son will love me the same way when he is an adult.

  38. Joshua says

    I always double tipple quadruple check for every thing i do as well as my mom… lol shes my everything. and its funny how i have the same laughter or way i talk to people with calm relaxing way voice like her… ha ha scary… JUST KIDDING MOM! 🙂 LUV YOU!

  39. Joshua says

    I always double ,tipple, quadruple check for every thing i do as well as my mom. lol shes my everything and its funny how i have the same laughter or way i talk to people with calm relaxing way voice like her.ha ha scary. JUST KIDDING MOM! 🙂 LUV YOU!

  40. Thomas Lignal says

    My mom taught me to give everything I am, that’s how we are alike.

  41. Jake Marcelino says

    My mom always say “Please, Thank You, God Bless” to others. So I do the same.

  42. Rachael Boone says

    I got my free spirit from my mother! I think my children are getting it from me!

  43. Anne Marie Whitmore says

    My mom was the greatest~! She taught me love, loyalty and the courage to follow my dreams!

  44. Joan Kalb says

    I hear myself saying the same things my mom said to me when I was a kid. It stops me in my tracks and I realize I am so much like my mom. She is a wonderful woman, friend and everyone loves her.

  45. jorge santos says

    I m like my mom cause we have a generous and free spirit to take advantage of lifes opportunities

  46. mouli says

    My mom taught me never to argue or be controversial and be patient in life.

  47. Leslie Ruder says

    My mom passed away when I was 21, and now that I’m 55, I’ve already lived a full 3 years longer than she did. I find it hard to think of any ways in which I am like my Mom, who was a soft, warm, gentle, intelligent, self-effacing person. But when I put my little girl to bed, I sing to her the made-up song in Yiddish-English just like my mother did for me, and we feel her warmth there with us.

  48. WillieDorisR1 says

    When I think about how I’m like my mom, I think about all the summers that she took us to see the fireworks is our neighborhood. When I was a little girl, our community showed Fireworks on the boardwalk every summer. We had to be on the boardwalk @9pm. My mother would not just take her children but, most of the neighbors children as well. I remember her walking us all the way to the boardwalk . She was the only parent that did this. My brothers were older than I, so they would assist my mom with the smaller children. We had so much fun walking to the board walk and back home again. I ‘m like my mom in that way because I Love doing things for the neighborhood children, and doing thing with them. A few summers ago I started a Children’s Garden for the children in our neighborhood. It was so great having the children come out and plant, water, the beautiful flowers, and seed and, to see their faces when the flowers came up from the seed, and the growth of the flowers they planted was worth all the organizing and sometimes frustration of getting the parents on Saturday mornings to get Johnny and Susie, to water their flowers that they had planted. Unfortunately, in 2012, Super storm Sandy, washed away the fence and flowers from the “Children’s Garden@ Oceanside.” So in that way I think I am like her. The Love she had for all children she came in contact with, not just her own!
    My mom is no longer here with but her spirit and legacy she left forever lives on in me.

  49. Sandra Amato says

    My sister is always saying that I am just like m mom and I always say I do hope so cause my mother is the best human being that I know. I do have my mother’s great sense of humor, her crazy temper and the energy that she has. I also have her curly hair the shape o her eyes. I also love cleaning and working outdoors just like my mother does. My mother was a social friendly person, and all my friends always say that I am way to friendly and I say that is because I am just like my mother.

  50. WillieDorisR1 says

    I Know I’m like my mom when I think of how when my own children were younger,
    I started a Caroling during the Christmas holidays with the neighborhood children. I started by asking the parents of the neighborhood children if they could participate in the “Christmas Caroling” the parents agreed. So, in the evenings when I would get home from work, after dinner, the neighborhood children would come over and my children included would practice the Christmas songs, every evening leading up to Christmas Eve. I had to make copies of the songs from my Hymnal. Some of the songs we sang were : Joy to the World, Oh come O ye faithful, etc. The children would come to my home promptly, every evening they really looked forward to Caroling in our neighborhood to their family and friends. It was a wonderful experience for me. The children sang so beautifully, and the neighborhood and the families of the children who participated were so proud of them. I sometimes see some of the these children, who are grown now and they remind me of the “Children’s Christmas Caroling”. When I think about these events in my life, I often think about my mother, who loved to do things, with children and for children. Jesus said this: ” Let the little children come and don’t turn them away for such is the Kingdom of Heaven”. Thanks Mom!

  51. Allison Hackett(demers) says

    One of the best things you can do for your kids is to make sure they eat healthy. I still adore food like my mother taught me. There’s no greater joy than sharing a meal with family.

  52. WillieDorisR1 says

    I Know I’m like my mom when I think about “Hurricane Sandy” It hit our community really hard. My husband and I had to evacuate. When we came back home after the storm, our neighborhood and community was devastated by Sandy. The trees, grass, shrubbery , and flowers was damaged. I was sitting at my computer one day during this time and I got this idea to write a letter to one of our local home depot stores that sell these items and asked them for a donation. Now I was appointed to be The Resident Green Committee Leader, in our community, this Committee was started by our Mayors office. I took this letter to the representative of the depot. I got a response and the response was positive.
    Our Committee, went through the community and asked the neighborhood residents to come out and help plant and help to bring our community and neighborhood back . We called it ” Operating Restoration” We even reached out to the parents for their children’s participation in this event. Well, to my surprise we had more children participation, than
    adults. The reps from the depot, helped the children plant ivy around the trees, and the community children, who were in the daycare participated as well, planting flowers and butterfly trees in front of the daycare center. It was a wonderful event. The children really
    showed how they love their neighborhood just as much as the adults. These stories that I tell may make it seem like I’m an old experienced person but I ‘m yet a young middle aged woman, whose mom made such a great impact on me, when I was a child and did things with myself and my friends, mom always made the times we shared fun, we had so much
    fun as children when we were younger with Mom. Our home was always filled with children, when I was younger. I had such a great childhood , and I owe it all to MOM!
    All these things that I endeavor to do and have done is because of the giving, loving, caring
    person that my MOM was, she was the best example for me. I’m now a grandmother, who now has to pass this legacy to my daughter, and granddaughter, I think I’m doing it by when these challenges come to my door, I’ve responded by inviting the challenge in with a welcoming smile , with the help of God, family, community leaders and friends, the Challenge was met. Now our Neighborhood is the better for it! We’re not quite there yet but, we ‘re working on it. One challenge at a time! Thanks MOM!

  53. Wendy says

    I love to do things for others (make a meal for someone recuperating, bake something for a new neighbor, etc.) and my mom has done that all her life.

  54. lois says

    She’s the best mom ever! BUT…I am just as stubborn as my stubborn Jewish guilting mom from NY. What will I be like when I get to be her age? The same as her or WORSE?

  55. Adriana Baaske says

    I’m just like my mom in many ways… Her kindness, selfishness and love never goes unnoticed. I love you mom!

  56. Sandi Roitblat says

    I have discovered that, not only am I like my mother, I am like my grandmother, as well. We come from a long line of hard-working, family-oriented Slovenians. I guess you could say it’s in our blood-line. We all enjoy working hard and never complain about it – it is what it is. I believe it is part of the reason my grandmother lived as long as she did. And my mother, at age 74, is still working full time. My grandmother lived to a great age of 92 and even drove and babysat up until six months before she became ill and passed on. She was an extremely family-oriented person, who would do anything for her family. Unknowinly, she has passed that trait onto my mother, who passed it onto me, and I passed it onto my 24 year old daughter (who has the same strong sense of ‘family first’ trait). It’s wonderful to discover, as we grow, which traits we inherit from our mothers (and grandmothers) and know that these traits continue with each new generation. I am truly blessed!

  57. Amy says

    Mom always said, don’t play ball in the house. Now, I say that toy sons. Daily.

  58. Judith Irizarry says

    How’s this for being like my mother: If you see a picture of us two, you’ll swear we are sisters or maybe twins. We talk alike, we both wear glasses since childhood, my graying streaks of hair are in the same place my mother’s gray streaks appeared when she was my age. Her aches and pains have become mine as well, and I pray God will grant her many more years with us to enjoy. To add icing on the cake…when we go out together (without having consulted with each other), what she wears 9 times out of 10, is the same color and/or style that I am also wearing. It’s uncanny, aggravating and inexplicable. Nevertheless, I love my mother dearly and thankfully have not yet developed her phobias and manias as well. Will let you all know in a couple of years….!


    How am I like my Mother? Let me count the ways!! There are many examples: 1. The other day I was looking for my eyeglasses everywhere. I don’t need them to see things close to me (like reading); I only need them to see things far away Just when I was about to give up I felt something on my head and realized that I had raised them up to look at something close and had totally forgotten that they were there and since they were so light I could barely feel them there. And the first thing that popped into my head was, “OMG, I’m just like Mom!!” That’s the kind of stuff she does all the time!! 2. I’m starting to get forgetful like her. I’ve gone into a room and then forgot why I was there and what I was going to do. I need to start taking Ginkgo Biloba because if I am starting to not remember things so well then I want to nip it in the bud the best I can! (Or at least slow it down hopefully!!) 3. I’m only 38 years old and I’m already experiencing hot flashes and mood changes. I talked to my Mom about it and she says, “Well, if you’re anything like me then you’re going through menopause early.” Gee, lucky me! I did some research online and found out most women start menopause during their late 40s or early 50s. But instead of waiting for the “normal” age, women in my family start it in their late 30s or early 40s. 🙁

    Thank goodness I’m also like my Mother by inheriting some of her wonderful traits. Just like her I’m good natured, kind, honest, hard-working and patient. She taught me the importance of family above all else. I love my Mom!!!!! 🙂 I’m so happy to have the Mother I do and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I’m willing to take the good with the bad because I feel the good far outweighs the bad!!!

  60. Laura Jorgensen says

    I am exactly like my mother, Susan Jorgensen. Even though I am her third daughter, I seem to be EXACTLY like her. From my left-handedness, to me blaming my slightly crooked teeth, even with the small (random) sounds in the night. I’ve even from time to time contemplated myself being a clone.
    It’s not a bad thing, “in any way, shape, or form” — as she would say. This just happens to be the PERFECT contest for our situation. I love her and am glad to be who I am because of her. 🙂

  61. Shayna Levine-Hefetz says

    I find myself telling my kids to clean their rooms just like my mom used to tell me… 🙂

  62. Adele Yedid says

    i always make my beds with hospital corners. also another thing is that mommy always had good taste and loves pretty thi ngs i definitely get that from her. I have a strong love for my family (brothers) just like she does