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Only in its infant stages, the 21st century has already ushered in an era of promise, excitement, and advances. From paralyzed people walking again to children writing computer programs, the 21st century has opened up many doors that had previously been closed to us. One such door that has been thrown ajar is the one to our brains.

fMRIInventions such as the fMRI, which measures activity in the brain in relation to stimuli, have given us fresh insights into how the brain works. This has come to enhance every field, opening windows into marketing, addiction recovery, and education.

The latter field is where we step in. Always on the forefront of the best educational initiatives, Kars4Kids is supporting the study of Mind, Brain, and Education Science through its new educational blog: The Learning Mind.

MBE is a discipline that emerged at the turn of the century in response to innovations in studying the brain. We are able to see how people learn. Thus, we can use this knowledge to best tailor our teaching practices to our students. We can use this same knowledge in our parenting practices with our children.

Our content is designed to give educators practical tips to bring into their classroom. We also provide teachers with the science behind those best teaching practices. Nevertheless, parents can equally benefit from our content. Anybody interested in one of the most fundamental parts of our humanity—our brains and how we learn–can benefit from our research.

classroomWe cover a broad range of educational topics that span from technology to mindset, from classroom design to the arts, from executive functions to body language, and everything in between. The latest articles feature research into the growth mindset, the flipped classroom, music and the brain, decision-making, and more.

Reporting from within the classroom, we interview, observe, test, and publish the best teaching practices in action. We bring you fresh ideas that have been piloted and assessed in classrooms just like yours.

The Learning Mind is dedicated to a better world and a better future for our youth.

As readers, we ask you to peruse our content, spread knowledge, join the discussion, and help initiate change in your corner of the globe.

Ready for the challenge?

Join our community at The Learning Mind.

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Bella graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing and has teaching experiencing spanning from prekindergarten to the college level. A voracious reader, advocate of self-growth, and believer in humanity, she has many interests which include education, neuroscience, positive psychology, literature, and philosophy, among others.

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