Kars4Kids Jingle: At Last, A Fan!

Everyone hates the Kars4Kids jingle. Well, almost everyone. We do have a few hardcore fans.

Take Jamie Smith’s baby, for instance. Jamie posted the following clip to the Kars for Kids Facebook page with the comment, “I don’t know why but, My baby is obsessed with the kars4kids commercial, lol.”

[vcfb id=10205223301839839 w=640 h=385]

But hey, I’m not really surprised. My eldest is now 34 years old and I still remember the text of her favorite book when she was oh, about 6 months old. “Little chick takes a ride. It’s lunchtime for Squirrel!”

We, the wife and I, must have read that book to our daughter at least 8,000 times. We could recite the lines in our sleep. Which was a good thing at the time because we were SO sleep deprived.

Kids latch onto things and hold on fiercely. They like the familiar. It comforts them to know what to expect from an environment that puzzles them at every turn.

They like simple rhymes and melodies and single-syllable words. So yeah, we can see where a six month-old baby might fall in love with our jingle. We respect that because really, it’s a force of nature.

You can’t argue with a baby. You can only give in.Mom earplugs

Jamie, on behalf of the entire Kars4Kids family, my colleagues and I would like to offer you our sympathies for the upcoming months when you will be subjected to our jingle ad infinitum. May we suggest a REALLY GOOD pair of earplugs?


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