Cutest Baby Videos: You’ll Laugh, You’ll Cry, You’ll MARVEL

Cutest baby videos. Every time you see that claim, you just know it’s hyperbole. But you can’t help it: you gotta watch them anyway. Because you love babies more than just about anything in the world.

We do, too. For instance, these two little fellers who crack each other up. Twins are so awesome. I bet their mom doesn’t ever need to buy them toys. They just make each other laugh all day long. What a gift that would be, huh?

These little guys, too. I honestly cannot figure out why the mom and her friend call to get their attention. They’re having so much fun. Couldn’t they just leave them be??

And then there’s these two brothers. They aren’t twins, but they’ve got their own thing happening–subtle but real. The little guy is a sleepy-head and he finally finds himself a nice place to rest his head. Big brother doesn’t mind a bit.

Now here’s a little girl who’s WAY overtired. But still polite!

And of course, babies have their idiosyncrasies, like this lil guy who won’t stop crying until Daddy plays the right song! You can’t fool him. He KNOWS what he likes.

Now this little girl has a DARK SIDE. I would not want to be her babysitter. Freaky!

Last but not least, we give you this father-daughter duo that are amazingly in synch. They’ve just got something going on.

Do you have a favorite baby video you’d like us to post? Drop us a note in the comments.

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