Pranks That Rank

Pranks rank. And sometimes pranks are rank. Most of us enjoy watching people on the wrong end of a prank but not so much being the actual victims. Funny to watch? Yes. Funny to get victimized? Not so much.

The thing about pranks is the thing about any good comedy: the thing that makes it funny is the element of surprise. That’s what elicits the reaction. It’s the unexpected that makes us laugh.

In any event, being that this IS a car donation blog, occasionally I feel constrained to actually post something related to, um, cars. But I don’t want to get all serious or anything so I thought I’d post something that isn’t just about cars but is also FUNNY. Hence (I always wanted to use the word “hence” in a sentence), I bring you one of my all-time favorite car prank clips. Being that you’re NOT the victim of this particular prank, I hope you’ll find it amusing.

The thing about pranks is that they’re funny, but also in a certain way, kind of MEAN. Is it nice to play tricks on people? Note that they–the people on the wrong end of this car prank–all look so stunned. I mean, it kind of makes them look well, a bit stupid, you know?

On the other hand, they’re mostly teenagers working part-time jobs. It’s not like they have a ton of life experience. So maybe we can chalk this up as a sort of rite of passage:  a life lesson.

Are Pranks Mean?

What do you think? Is it nice to play pranks on people? What’s the best prank you ever took part in or witnessed? Click HERE to see my candidate for best. Prank. Ever.

Leave a comment below and tell us the best prank you’ve ever seen or taken part in.

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