Only Twenty Five Percent of Us Thank Our Teachers – National Teacher Day Survey

May 7th, this Tuesday, is National Teacher Day. A day to honor teachers and educators, and to salute the crucial role teachers play in our children’s futures.

At Kars4Kids, education is our mission, it is the very air we breathe. Our after school mentoring programs, as well as summer camp and tuition assistance, are all geared towards aiding children’s education in every way possible.

We were curious about how many people feel like a teacher changed their life, how they changed their life, and if those people have ever thanked those teachers, so we ran a survey asking all of those questions and more.

Here are the fascinating results of that survey.

Satisfied Students

Americans are clearly happy with the level of education they’ve received. A stunning 70.7% say that they would want their children to have the same teachers they had.

Most parents would want their children to have the same teachers they had.

Americans also feel that their teachers have inspired them. 75.7% of respondents say that a teacher has inspired them in their career or education choices.

Which Teachers

In the same survey, an overwhelming 61.5% of respondents say that their high school teachers had more impact on them than their elementary or middle school teachers.

And while that may seem like the more obvious choice, more interesting is the finding that elementary school edged out middle school by about 5%, 21.8% to 16.7%.

Saying Thank You

The most surprising statistic that we got from this survey was when we asked if people have ever sent a gift or thank you card to a teacher.

Even though around 75% say that a past teacher had a direct impact on their future success, only 25% of respondents have ever sent a gift or thank you card to a teacher.

This low number is despite the fact that 58.9% said that teachers should receive bonus pay for performance based results or positive feedback from parents and students, clearly indicating that most feel that teachers deserve a big hearty thank you.

Today is the day that we should all be saying thank you, give a shout out to your teacher on Twitter for example.

Some ideas include:

“My teacher Mrs. Johnson changed my life in 3rd grade. Thank you!” Tweet This

“I would not be where I am today if not for my 10th grade teacher” Tweet This

“Shout out to all the amazing teachers out there shaping our future!” Tweet This

 More Good News

Another piece of encouraging news coming out of of this survey is the involvement of teachers in after school activities. In fact, 80% have had a teacher who participated in out of school activities.

It’s amazing to hear that our dedicated teachers are giving up their personal time to go above and beyond!

Survey Methodology

This survey was conducted within the United States on behalf of Kars4Kids from May 1-2, 2013, among 1,000 adults ages 18 and older. This survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. For complete survey methodology and results, please contact 5W Public Relations. The press release about this survey can be read in full here.

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