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School is beginning again and that means that depending on your age you either just cheered loudly or gave a great groan of despair.

All will agree though, taught the value of a good education can not be overestimated.

When it comes to education, proper preparation is key, from the teacher’s carefully planned curriculum, to the school lunches, and of course the all important school supplies.

Sadly, many families struggle to equip their children with the appropriate supplies that will ensure their success. They shower their children with love, affection, and the proper guidance and parenting they need while their hearts break knowing they can’t give them the basic necessities for the new school year.

That is why we are so excited to join Newark Deputy Mayor Margarita Muniz tomorrow to distribute free children’s backpacks and school supplies to Newark families. Mrs. Muniz will attend at the request of Mayor Cory Booker who will be unable to attend the event, but who has thrown his heart and soul into ensuring that this event as well as previous Kars4Kids events in Newark would be massive successes.

backpacks Newark

Two separate events will also be held in Far Rockaway this Thursday  in partnership with the amazing people of NYCHA.


r Rockaway Backpacks

Looking forward to seeing you there!

For those unable to attend these events, the Kars4Kids backpack page is available for online requests on a first comes first serve basis.

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