Accountants Guide to Car Donation


It’s that time of year again! The time of year when your clients are calling you trying to dig up any possible tax deduction they can before 2012. For many people car donation will be a wonderful option to ease the pain a little when filing. Kars4Kids has prepared this handy simple little guide to get you the answers you need fast. Feel free to download, print, share or even embed this guide on your site. To read the guide visit the car donation guide pdf or just click on the image below. Then, use the social sharing buttons above to spread this great reference, print it out for your clients (feel free to add your company logo), and copy the embed code below for your blog or website.

Accountants Guide to Car Donation

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<h3>The Accountants Guide to Car Donation</h3>
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Guide produced by the Kars4Kids <a href=””>car donation</a> program

Special thanks to Gail Perry of Accounting Web, James Edward Maule of Mauled Again, Nicholas J. Pennewell of Tampa Bay CPA, Tom Selling of The Accounting Onion, Trish McIntire of Our Taxing Times, and a special shout out to W. Michael Hsu of DeepSky, for lending their time and advice to help create this guide. Thanks!

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